What's new?

New updates and improvements to Peoplebox

  1. Improved Tables in Biz Reviews

    📈 Business Reviews

    We are delighted to introduce an exciting enhancement to your experience with Peoplebox – the all-new and improved tables in Biz Reviews! With this latest update, we are putting more power in your hands, making it easier than ever to create, customize, and present data in a visually stunning way.


    Key Features of the Enhanced Tables:

    • Merge and Split Cells: Say goodbye to the limitations of static tables. With our enhanced tables feature, you can effortlessly merge cells to create headers, group data, or make your table more organized. Need to split cells to add more details? No problem! The flexibility is now at your fingertips.
    • Colourful Customization: Bring your data to life by adding colours to each cell. Highlight important information, categorize data, or simply add a touch of vibrancy to your reports. The choice of colours is yours, and the possibilities are endless.




    Your Feedback Matters:

    We take your feedback seriously. As you explore and use the enhanced tables feature, please don't hesitate to reach out to our support team with any questions, suggestions, or feedback you may have. Your insights are instrumental in helping us improve Peoplebox.


  2. The ability to create OKR with Milestones is now available

    🎯 Goals
    📈 Business Reviews

    OKR with Milestones is in advance beta. Please contact our support team at support@peoplebox.ai to get access to this feature. Refer here for the previous release.


    When should you use milestones in your OKRs

    • If your OKRs can be broken down into smaller targets, such targets are milestones in Peoplebox.
    • Suppose you have Annual OKRs and track them Monthly or Quarterly. In that case, Milestones will help you break down your Annual or Quarterly OKRs into Quarterly or Monthly milestones resp, making sure everyone can see the bird's eye view and zoomed-in view at the same time.
    • If you have Annual OKRs and want to see the Annual and Quarterly view without duplicating the goals.





    In this release, we have added support for

    • Creating goals with milestones
    • Ability to view the milestones goals on the My Goals, Department Goals and Company Goals page.


  3. Improved Load time of Goals & UX of Goal Cycles

    🎯 Goals

    What's New?

    Lightning-Fast Initial Load Time:

    Traditionally, when you accessed your goals, they were loaded all at once, which could sometimes lead to slow initial load times. With our latest update, we've completely revamped the way you interact with your goals. Now, instead of waiting for all your goals to load, you'll see them appearing one by one on your screen as they are fetched. This means you'll be able to start working on your goals and tracking your progress almost instantly!

    Bug Fixes:

    We've tackled a pesky bug related to the OKR Cycle Dropdown that was causing some inaccurate data to appear. Apart from this, there was some inconsistent behaviour when trying to check/uncheck cycles in the dropdown. All of that has been fixed.

    Streamlined Cycle Dropdown:

    One more thing – we've made an enhancement to the OKR Cycle Dropdown. If no goals are present for a cycle, the dropdown for that will be automatically disabled. This change ensures that you're provided with the most relevant options, maintaining a smooth and intuitive experience.

    Optimized Logic for Showing Cycles:

    Now, our algorithm focuses only on searching for active cycles if no cycles have been selected (by default), streamlining the process significantly. If no active cycles with goals are present, you'll seamlessly transition to the Zero State – a no-goals situation, elegantly handled.

    Updates to Zero State Design:

    Our Zero State design has received a fresh new look! We understand the importance of making a great first impression, and this updated design ensures that users who are just starting out or have no data to display still get a visually appealing and intuitive experience.



  4. OKR with Milestones (Beta is out)

    🎯 Goals

    OKR with Milestones Beta is out. Please get in touch with our support team at support@peoplebox.ai to participate in the beta.


    When should you use milestones in your OKRs

    • If your OKRs can be broken down into smaller targets, such targets are milestones in Peoplebox.
    • If you have Annual OKRs and track them Monthly or Quarterly, Milestones will help you break down your Annual or Quarterly OKRs into Quarterly or Monthly milestones resp, making sure everyone can see the bigger and immediate picture at the same time.
    • If you have Annual OKRs and want to see the Annual and Quarterly view without duplicating the goals.




    In this release, we have added support for

    • Showing target values of milestones on the Biz Reviews Page
    • Making a check-in directly from cells of progress breakdown on the Biz Reviews Page
    • Seeing all 12 months of data in monthly view Progress breakdown


    Currently, milestones goals can be created by our team in the Backend. The next set of features to be released are -

    • Supporting Milestones on the Goal Listing page
    • Ability to create Milestone Goals in the dashboard
    • Ability to edit Milestone Goals in the dashboard


    Please get in touch with our support team at support@peoplebox.ai to participate in the beta.





  5. View upward reviewers, remove reviewers, unsubmit peer selection, & more - Reviewee Management v3

    🏆 Performance Reviews

    After running 100s of review cycles we have come across many common use cases. Some of these still need support from our Customer Success team which is a time-consuming process and impacts our customer experience.

    We are happy to announce more controls for the review admins to perform these actions on their own. Below are the new controls


    • View & Un-submit upward (direct report sharing feedback for manager) reviewers
    • Remove a Reviewer
    • View and edit custom weights and attributes (if enabled)
    • Un-submit peer selection so that the Reviewee can select peers again


    Reviewee Management


    Please try it out and let us know your feedback.

  6. Direct reports' Review steps' status for Managers

    🏆 Performance Reviews

    Managers want to know the status of the steps of the review process like Peers, Goals, Self-review, and manager review of their direct reports. Currently, managers need to ask review admins about the status which is a time-consuming process and puts a burden on the admins.

    We are happy to announce that now Managers can see the status of the review of their direct reports on Peoplebox itself. This will smoothen the process and improve the experience.

    The status of each direct report can be seen by clicking the "Direct Report" tab.


    Screenshot 2023-08-09 at 5.05.46 PM

    Please try it out and share your feedback with us.

  7. Customize Review Packets, Enable Release reviews, and create one-on-ones using Advanced settings

    🏆 Performance Reviews

    We understand that customizing review settings as per your needs is essential. We are happy to announce that review admins can now customize review packet visibility settings, enable release review, create one-on-one settings while creating a Review cycle, and edit these settings later as well. This will provide more flexibility and control to the admins, and they won't need to depend on our customer success team.


    How does this work?

    • During the Config step while creating or editing a review cycle admins can scroll to the bottom and enable Advanced settings
    • Now they can choose which reviewers' responses will be visible in the review packets (PDF)
    • Admins can enable release review settings which will give option the reviewing managers the to release reviews to their direct reports
    • Admins can also configure if they want to create a 1-on-1 based on the review responses and choose the event when they want to create it




    Please try these settings out and let us know if there is any feedback or query.

  8. Support for a Rich text editor in OKR comments, OKR check-ins & Qualitative Updates

    🎯 Goals
    📈 Business Reviews


    We are thrilled to unveil an exciting enhancement to our OKR platform that will revolutionize the way you communicate and collaborate on your goals. Today, we proudly introduce the Rich Text Editor feature for OKR comments, OKR check-ins, and Qualitative Updates.


    At Peoplebox, we are committed to providing you with a seamless and productive OKR management experience. We understand that effective communication is at the heart of successful goal achievement, and that's why we've empowered our platform with the capabilities of a fully-featured Rich Text Editor.


    Key Highlights:

    Enhanced Formatting: Say goodbye to plain and monotonous text. With the Rich Text Editor, you can highlight important information using bold, italics, and underlining. Express your thoughts more effectively using bullet points and numbered lists


    🔗 Embed Links: Provide context by embedding links to related documents, resources, or external references. Whether it's a relevant article, a supporting data source, or a motivational video, the Rich Text Editor lets you enrich your content effortlessly.


    💡 Future-Proof Collaboration: As we continue to enhance our OKR platform, rest assured that the Rich Text Editor lays the foundation for even more exciting features. We're committed to your success and are dedicated to continually empowering your collaboration and communication.








  9. Calibration v3.1 - Download data, Add columns, Apply Filters, Sort data

    🏆 Performance Reviews

    Calibration of manager scores to fix any misalignment and misunderstanding of ratings is an important step in the performance review process. To run a calibration process varied types of scores, like self, manager ratings, employee details, Past review scores, and Goal scores are needed.

    We are excited to share that all this data can now be easily downloaded from the calibration tab by Review Admins. The calibrated scores can also be entered directly on Peoplebox UI. We hope this will make the calibration process easier and more enjoyable.




    How does it work?

    • Click the Edit Columns button and select the columns you want to add to the calibration table
    • To download data just click on the Export CSV button, and the table which is visible will get downloaded as a CSV file
    • To add calibrated scores just click on the table cells in Calibrated score columns
    • You can also sort by clicking on the column headers and filter data by clicking and Selecting the Filters you want


    Please try out Calibration features and let us know your feedback. For any suggestions/queries feel free to contact our Customer Success team.


  10. Multiple Alignment(Multiple Parents) for OKRs (Goals)

    🎯 Goals


    Introducing Multiple Alignment, Peoplebox recognizes that while the OKR methodology promotes single alignment throughout an organization, the modern workplace often comprises non-linear structures and matrixes. Multiple Alignment empowers teams to effectively navigate these complexities, fostering greater collaboration and productivity across the organization.


    Checkout the how to Help Doc here ->https://help.peoplebox.ai/en/articles/8145917-multiple-alignment-multiple-parents-for-okrs-goals